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Evidence of Human-Level Bonds Established With a Digital Conversational Agent: Cross-sectional, Retrospective Observational Study

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(5):e27868

22962 41 73
An mHealth Self-management System for Support Children With Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and Their Caregivers: Qualitative Co-design Study

JMIR Form Res 2022;6(4):e36721

20600 24 4
Learning From the Experiences of COVID-19 Survivors: Web-Based Survey Study

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(5):e23009

16905 2 5
Feasibility of a Therapist-Supported, Mobile Phone–Delivered Online Intervention for Depression: Longitudinal Observational Study

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e11509

16448 17 25
Evaluating Closures of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Vendors During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Methodology and Preliminary Results Using Omnidirectional Street View Imagery

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(2):e23870

16203 14 11
Self-Administered Skills-Based Virtual Reality Intervention for Chronic Pain: Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(7):e17293

15860 170 84
Pedal-Assist Mountain Bikes: A Pilot Study Comparison of the Exercise Response, Perceptions, and Beliefs of Experienced Mountain Bikers

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(3):e13643

15808 32 4
Deconstructing TikTok Videos on Mental Health: Cross-sectional, Descriptive Content Analysis

JMIR Form Res 2022;6(5):e38340

15592 7 26
Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on the Psychological Health of University Students and Their Attitudes Toward Mobile Mental Health Solutions: Two-Part Questionnaire Study

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(10):e19876

12881 4 27
Understanding Health Behavior Technology Engagement: Pathway to Measuring Digital Behavior Change Interventions

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(4):e14052

12212 55 67
Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Depression: Descriptive Study of Usage

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(11):e17065

12018 6 48
Smartphone-Based Meditation for Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Patients: Feasibility Study to Inform Future Trials

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(2):e12662

8978 1 47
A Comprehensive Framework to Evaluate Websites: Literature Review and Development of GoodWeb

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(4):e14372

8602 1 16
Implications and Preventions of Cyberbullying and Social Exclusion in Social Media: Systematic Review

JMIR Form Res 2022;6(1):e30286

8316 6 12
Association Between Care Utilization and Anxiety Outcomes in an On-Demand Mental Health System: Retrospective Observational Study

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(1):e24662

8288 7 11
Accuracy of a Chatbot (Ada) in the Diagnosis of Mental Disorders: Comparative Case Study With Lay and Expert Users

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(4):e13863

8188 22 58
The Development of VegEze: Smartphone App to Increase Vegetable Consumption in Australian Adults

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e10731

8092 1 14
Implications for Training on Smartphone Medication Reminder App Use by Adults With Chronic Conditions: Pilot Study Applying the Technology Acceptance Model

JMIR Form Res 2017;1(1):e5

7091 7 10
A Stress Management App Intervention for Cancer Survivors: Design, Development, and Usability Testing

JMIR Form Res 2018;2(2):e19

6983 27 39
Efficacy of a Web-Based Intervention for Depressive Disorders: Three-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Guided and Unguided Self-Help With Waitlist Control

JMIR Form Res 2022;6(4):e34330

6971 4 13
Artificial Intelligence–Based Chatbot for Anxiety and Depression in University Students: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(8):e20678

6799 17 47
Cultural Adaptation of a Scalable World Health Organization E-Mental Health Program for Overseas Filipino Workers

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e11600

6767 11 18
Development of the 12-Item Social Media Disinformation Scale and its Association With Social Media Addiction and Mental Health Related to COVID-19 in Tunisia: Survey-Based Pilot Case Study

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(6):e27280

6500 6 15
Co-Design of a Consultation Audio-Recording Mobile App for People With Cancer: The SecondEars App

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e11111

6484 38 20
Acceptance of Mobile Health Apps for Disease Management Among People With Multiple Sclerosis: Web-Based Survey Study

JMIR Form Res 2018;2(2):e11977

6075 46 40

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