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Self-Administered Skills-Based Virtual Reality Intervention for Chronic Pain: Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(7):e17293

HTML PDF 10492 170 8
Understanding Health Behavior Technology Engagement: Pathway to Measuring Digital Behavior Change Interventions

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(4):e14052

HTML PDF 8218 55 10
Use of a Biofeedback Breathing App to Augment Poststress Physiological Recovery: Randomized Pilot Study

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e12227

HTML PDF 4173 53 4
Acceptance of Mobile Health Apps for Disease Management Among People With Multiple Sclerosis: Web-Based Survey Study

JMIR Form Res 2018;2(2):e11977

HTML PDF 4648 46 11
Co-Design of a Consultation Audio-Recording Mobile App for People With Cancer: The SecondEars App

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e11111

HTML PDF 5619 38 7
The Learning Exchange, a Community Knowledge Commons for Learning Networks: Qualitative Evaluation to Test Acceptability, Feasibility, and Utility

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e9858

HTML PDF 1355 35 5
A Web-Based Intervention to Prevent Multiple Chronic Disease Risk Factors Among Adolescents: Co-Design and User Testing of the Health4Life School-Based Program

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(7):e19485

HTML PDF 1574 33 3
Development and Feasibility of a Family-Based Health Behavior Intervention Using Intelligent Personal Assistants: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(1):e17501

HTML PDF 248 32 0
Understanding End-User Perspectives of Mobile Pulmonary Rehabilitation (mPR): Cross-Sectional Survey and Interviews

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(4):e15466

HTML PDF 1072 27 4
Developing a Data Dashboard Framework for Population Health Surveillance: Widening Access to Clinical Trial Findings

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(2):e11342

HTML PDF 3758 27 2
A Stress Management App Intervention for Cancer Survivors: Design, Development, and Usability Testing

JMIR Form Res 2018;2(2):e19

HTML PDF 4445 27 14
iCanCope PostOp: User-Centered Design of a Smartphone-Based App for Self-Management of Postoperative Pain in Children and Adolescents

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(2):e12028

HTML PDF 2446 26 8
Using a Personal Health Library–Enabled mHealth Recommender System for Self-Management of Diabetes Among Underserved Populations: Use Case for Knowledge Graphs and Linked Data

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(3):e24738

HTML PDF 184 23 0
Acceptability, Safety, and Resonance of the Pilot Digital Suicide Prevention Campaign “Better Off With You”: Qualitative Study

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(3):e23892

HTML PDF 344 23 0
Telerehabilitation to Address the Rehabilitation Gap in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Care: Survey of Patients

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(9):e19296

HTML PDF 933 23 0
Global Collaborative Social Network (Share4Rare) to Promote Citizen Science in Rare Disease Research: Platform Development Study

JMIR Form Res 2021;5(3):e22695

HTML PDF 200 23 0
Understanding the Acceptance of an eHealth Technology in the Early Stages of Development: An End-User Walkthrough Approach and Two Case Studies

JMIR Form Res 2018;2(1):e10474

HTML PDF 2974 22 11
Accuracy of a Chatbot (Ada) in the Diagnosis of Mental Disorders: Comparative Case Study With Lay and Expert Users

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(4):e13863

HTML PDF 4816 22 13
Adaptation of a Digital Health Innovation to Prevent Relapse and Support Recovery in Youth Receiving Services for First-Episode Psychosis: Results From the Horyzons-Canada Phase 1 Study

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(10):e19887

HTML PDF 914 21 1
Trends in Scientific Reports on Cartilage Bioprinting: Scoping Review

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(3):e15017

HTML PDF 2579 21 1
A Health Education Website Developed to Meet Young People’s Information Needs About Web-Based Pornography and Sharing of Sexually Explicit Imagery (SCOPE): Usability Study

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(3):e12824

HTML PDF 1702 21 2
Using Text Messaging, Social Media, and Interviews to Understand What Pregnant Youth Think About Weight Gain During Pregnancy

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(2):e11397

HTML PDF 1156 21 3
Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial of ImpulsePal: Smartphone App–Based Weight Management Intervention to Reduce Impulsive Eating in Overweight Adults

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(2):e11586

HTML PDF 2127 21 6
Development of PositiveLinks: A Mobile Phone App to Promote Linkage and Retention in Care for People With HIV

JMIR Form Res 2019;3(1):e11578

HTML PDF 2142 21 10
A Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Mobile Health Intervention Among Church-Going African Americans: Formative Evaluation of the FAITH! App

JMIR Form Res 2020;4(11):e21450

HTML PDF 509 21 0

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